Interview of Dr. Takahashi, Director General of NanoTerasuCenter

Monday July 1st, Dr. Takahashi, Director General of NanoTerasu Center, interviewed by a freelance writer Mr. Ogawa for the monthly journal “Pioneers of Future Technology‘

Research at NanoTerasu was featured on Miyagi TV’s “Miyagi news every.”

On June 28 (Fri.), the research being conducted by Tohoku University at NanoTerasu was introduced in the “Passion Labo” corner of Miyagi Television’s “Miyagi news every.”

Article in the program website (Japanese only): <NanoTerasu, a next-generation synchrotron radiation facility, gives a tailwind to research> Approaching the “deliciousness of food” that has until now relied on experience and the senses (Tohoku University)

The Mainichi Newspaper published an article about “NanoTerasu,” a giant microscope with an industrial development effect of “1.9 trillion yen” in Sendai

The Mainichi Newspaper published an article on the industrial development effects of NanoTerasu, which has been in operation since April 2024.

Click here to go to Mainichi Shimbun Digital (paid article, Japanese Only).

NanoTerasu has started operations

After completing the facility inspection in March 2024, NanoTerasu started facility operations under a new organizational structure, involving QST, Phosic and JASRI, starting from April 1st, 2024.
We hope that more users will utilize NanoTerasu in the times ahead. We are committed to supporting users in order to expedite the attainment of outstanding results as soon as possible.